Bleeding is Believing

Gothic Rock, Classical Guitar, Tribal Percussion and a Vicious Statement About Right Wing Activists

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We have been “testing” some new technology for our website in preparation for our upcoming album “Soldiers of the Mark” and would like your help with this one – in return you’ll receive a free track that represents a very unusual piece of our band’s history.

Every respectable upper middle class homophobe bigot has nightmares about us…this song is the soundtrack to those nightmares

Here’s the story about the song –

In the summer of 2008 the New Jacobin Club was invited to record an acoustic performance for a cable television program called “Stripped Down,” a great weekly show that is still running today. Over the next couple of years we also play several all-acoustic or small group (trio) shows and we were priviledged to open for gypsy-goth legend Voltaire on several occasions .

During this time we had a look back at the songs we’d written over the years and chose a few to re-write acoustically. Among them was a charming and exotic latin-flavoured Goth stomper called “My Abyss” – a song that started out with the title “Bleeding is Believing” and was performed as far back as 1996! Although it was originally a petulant masochistic rant, by the time it was recorded for our 2006 “Wicked City” album it had become a very bitter piece of social commentary on the debate over same-sex marriage. This issue was a hot topic at the time in Canada. Two things that NJC lyrical head Xerxes Praetorius Horde hates with every toxic fiber of his being are bullies and bigots. The heavy handed message of the song:  don’t be afraid of homosexuals, drug addicts, prostitutes, atheists, or the homeless…. instead, be afraid of us.

We had perhaps played it live only once or twice ever, it always seemed innapropriate for our audiences at the time. It featured some very prominent Spanish-Classical guitar accompaniment  and was peppered with some very colourful percussion (every member of the band contributed to the percussion on this track). Without changing much save for the distorted guitars that kick in at the chorus and the gratuitous tribal drumming, we used it for our televised acoustic performance and our opening slots with Voltaire.

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RoTT ‘N RoLL!  -Horde, Candi, Luminous, RatKing, Ruin, Nagini

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