Blood on the Stage: Behind the Makeup and Masks

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Victorian Hellfire clubs, supernatural seductresses, steampunk occultists, clockwork bounty hunters and pagan deities…

Meet all six members of the New Jacobin Club as we discuss the psychology of makeup, masks and performance art. Costumes and storytelling have been an inseparable part of the band’s identity throughout the last 20 years, this is an amusing look at what it all means to us as individuals and how it affects us personally at times.

We all learned a little more about each other during the filming of this video


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 In “Blood on the Stage” we talk a bit about the band’s beginning and influences…one of those is the mighty KILLING JOKE, and we not only cover one of their best known songs live to this day, but back in 2008 we released an EP of cover songs with their 80’s goth-dance hall hit “Love Like Blood” – CLICK HERE NOW for a free download of that track!!


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