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Privilege and the Fan


A message from the NJC   The music industry has not always been kind to the New Jacobin Club, and in return we have chosen to stay on the outside of the system. But that has not prevented us from achieving what even some of our seemingly more successful peers could not. We are self […]

The Year Canada Burned


You may not have known this, but in June and July 2015 a huge portion of Western Canada was on fire. Wildfires spread across the prairie provinces and the mountain forests of the Rockies. Communites were evacuated, homes were lost. This part of the world is where the New Jacobin Club resides – and we […]

The Romance of Death and the Comedy of Terror


Growing Up Goth…Growing Old Goth by Xerxes Praetorius Horde I recently read an article about how people who are allied with fringe social circles outgrow their “scene” as they age – punks get proper haircuts and jobs, metalheads go back to school to learn a trade, hardcore kids get married and have kids of their […]

Soldiers of The Mark: From the Studio to the Stage


It’s been a year and a few weeks since we started recording the final version of “Soldiers of The Mark” – RatKing and the Horde had begun in the summer of 2013 by doing drum & rhythm guitar tracks for the entire album before going into Matthew Facca’s posh home studio to re-record the album […]

Nagini’s Blog: “Mr. No”


by Mistress Nagini I often wonder what the audience is thinking about what I do when I step onto the stage: light up a torch, stick needles into my skin or snap a mousetrap onto my tongue. One of my favourite tricks is to pound a nail into my nose, we affectionately call this “blockhead”. […]

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