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7 Things Most Bands Won’t Tell You About Touring Western Canada


…But WE will! by The New Jacobin Club 1. We claim to be road warriors…and we are…road conditions, vehicle problems, and a severe lack of nutritious foods on the Western Canadian highways do not stop us. But the ride between cities of any sizeable population is SO DAMN LONG AND BORING the only real answer […]

Blood on the Stage: Behind the Makeup and Masks


Join us in a twisted and colourful world populated by Victorian Hellfire clubs, supernatural seductresses, steampunk occultists, clockwork bounty hunters and pagan deities… In the following short film you will meet all six members of the New Jacobin Club as we discuss the psychology of makeup, masks and performance art. Costumes and storytelling have been […]

NJC Video Blog: This Treason


by Xerxes Praetorius Horde/footage courtesy PCP Productions In the summer of 2010, the New Jacobin Club was finishing up with the long grueling process of completing the studio recording of  This Treason, an album so thick with instrumentation and layers upon layers of vocals that keeping track of everything was becoming a daunting task. As the […]

Partying With Freakshow Performers at the Cannibal Circus


By Xerxes Praetorius Horde The days of rock ‘n roll excess are over. The decadence of the 80’s LA glam metal scene will forever be legend. The energy and bitter social upheaval of the original 1970’s punk scene can never be duplicated.  Gone are the days when a record company throws thousands, even millions, at […]

The Power of One: A Single Fan and the Band that Almost Wasn’t


One Fan and the Band That Almost Wasn’t by Xerxes Praetorius Horde I am the Horde, aka Xerxes Praetorius. I am an academically schooled composer, performance artist, percussionist, passable singer and I can fool some people into thinking I can play guitar.  I am a private music instructor and part time film critic, and I […]

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