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Spring Giveaway!

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Celebrating visual art – Wicked, Weird, and Sexy As you may know, most of the New Jacobin Club’s artwork is created by none other than our theremin queen and co-lead vocalist Poison Candi! Last year the SCYAP gallery in Saskatoon hosted a multi-artist show of new original work by Candi, Kathryn Trembach (NJC’s longtime visual […]

Let’s talk Steampunk, Goth, Films, Music, Costuming, & Performance Art!

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  It’s been an EXTREMELY hectic year for us, and it is time for us to let you know what we’ve been doing and say THANK YOU for your patience with a special giveaway – all you have to do is talk with us! (read on…) New Single, Concept Video and Full-Length Album YES! We […]

NJC Interviewed by Their Own Fans! (part 1)

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Earlier in April, the New Jacobin Club asked their friends & fans to submit questions that they would video record answers to from their rehearsal room in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The band DID film answers for nearly every question that was submitted via facebook post, private message, and email, it wasn’t all that thrilling to try […]

The Romance of Death and the Comedy of Terror

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Growing Up Goth…Growing Old Goth by Xerxes Praetorius Horde I recently read an article about how people who are allied with fringe social circles outgrow their “scene” as they age – punks get proper haircuts and jobs, metalheads go back to school to learn a trade, hardcore kids get married and have kids of their […]

Nagini’s Blog: “Mr. No”

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by Mistress Nagini I often wonder what the audience is thinking about what I do when I step onto the stage: light up a torch, stick needles into my skin or snap a mousetrap onto my tongue. One of my favourite tricks is to pound a nail into my nose, we affectionately call this “blockhead”. […]

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