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A Lifetime Warranty on Music?!

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by Lee Cumberland Canada’s New Jacobin Club, in case you haven’t heard of them, are a theatrical art-rock ensemble with a small but cultish following of fans from all corners of the globe. Their colourful stage show filled with costumes and sideshow stunts attracts members of every subculture imaginable – steampunks, metalheads, goths, burlesque enthusiasts, […]

The New Age of Artistic Sincerity

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by Xerxes Praetorius Horde It’s finally here. For decades now, big business with proven fool-proof recipes for the perfect tasting burger have dominated the economic landscape of the food industry. They have the money to set up shop anywhere, advertise to anyone and sell their product at an astronomical mark up. They control what people […]

The Tale of the Big Fish and the Small Pond

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Commercialism and the Last Refuge of the Fringe Arts Communities Earlier this year I witnessed an arts revolution of sorts unfold live online. It will be remembered at least as a footnote in the history of an international music scene that is rapidly becoming commercialized. To make a long story short, one moderately successful musician […]

Art, Ignorance and Civilization’s Last Gasp

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The deskilling of the arts is a symptom of a new dystopian era of ignorance and bliss (and probably the end of modern civilization) by Xerxes Praetorius Horde A recent buzzword in the world of fabricated news items designed to illicit inflammatory responses to generate traffic (aka – “clickbait”) has piqued my interest. It also […]

Privilege and the Fan

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A message from the NJC   The music industry has not always been kind to the New Jacobin Club, and in return we have chosen to stay on the outside of the system. But that has not prevented us from achieving what even some of our seemingly more successful peers could not. We are self […]

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