Should Celebrities Matter?

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Hero Worship vs Gratitude: The Knighthood of Tom Baker       by Xerxes Praetorius Horde   One thing that has always made me extremely uncomfortable, and for years I didn’t understand why, was the unconditional “deification” of celebrities. It made me feel very awkward when someone would start talking about another human being, usually […]

UK 2016 Summer Tour Special!

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Raising Steam II by New Jacobin Club(new acoustic/chamber music single available ONLY on “Raising Steam vol II”) In order to help out the incredible promoters who are investing a TON of time and effort in to bringing us over we have put together something special (and our merchandise stock has already landed in the UK […]

Privilege and the Fan

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A message from the NJC   The music industry has not always been kind to the New Jacobin Club, and in return we have chosen to stay on the outside of the system. But that has not prevented us from achieving what even some of our seemingly more successful peers could not. We are self […]

The Year Canada Burned

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You may not have known this, but in June and July 2015 a huge portion of Western Canada was on fire. Wildfires spread across the prairie provinces and the mountain forests of the Rockies. Communites were evacuated, homes were lost. This part of the world is where the New Jacobin Club resides – and we […]

NJC vs GWAR: Shock Rock’s Cold War

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***This blog article was first published  shortly before Dave Brockie – frontman, founder and last remaining original GWAR member – passed away on March 23, 2014 in his own home. He was only 50. Take care of yourselves, everyone.*** I keep hearing two media “tips” for artists dealing with the media – “there’s no such […]

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