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The New Jacobin Club had its beginnings in the cold of Western Canada just as the 20th century was giving it’s last gasp. On “The Filthy & the Righteous” you will find the collected studio output of the NJC from 1998-2000. These 9 tracks, including the band’s first ep (“A Lesson in Mortality” – now digitally remastered) were to make up what would have been the NJC’s first full-length album proposed in 1999 that was never released! This collection has never before before been available online!

“The Final Entertainment Show” ep was is a follow-up companion to the New Jacobin Club’s wildly succesful 2006  album “Wicked City” and features the same classic band line-up from that era. On it are the NJC’s renditions of songs originally written by a some of their major personal influences – Killing Joke,  Nine Inch Nails and more! This ep was available briefly in 2008 and later only as a bonus disc in the “Wicked City” 2012 tour edition. This is the first time this famous and rare release has been offered online!

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