“Straight Out Of The Misfits/45 Grave Tradition, But With Soaring Electric Cello, Haunting Theremin and Dynamic Guitars – A Vintage Deathrock & Power Metal Hybrid! Aggressive, Dark And Addictive.”

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“as catchy as it is devilishly charming. The New Jacobin Club act as if they have no limits and no boundaries.” -Heavy Metal Time Machine (USA)


“Infectious – I haven’t been able to stop listening to it.” – Extreme Metal Television (Canada)

“Original and alluring!” – Progressive Rock BR (Brazil)

“What Gwar’s interpretation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show might be like”.  – Harvest Moon Music (Canada)

“Energizing and engaging!” – Puregrain Audio (USA) 

“Worthy of a listen, if only to fuel your desire to see their amazing live show…” – BC Musician (Canada)

The New Jacobin Club has been described as everything from “vintage deathrock and power metal hybrid with a petulant punk disposition ” to “Bohemian horror rock.”

Progressive Rock BR (Brazil) bravely attempted to define the sound as “A blend of classic Gothic Rock, Punk, & 80’s Metal inspired by vintage horror movies, Renaissance & Victorian clothing,  sideshow & burlesque, magic & illusions, edged weapons, and the hospital emergency ward.”

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An enigmatic fixture of Western Canadian sub-culture off and on for over 15 years,  this band’s famous live appearances are highlighted by stage theatrics that incorporate traditional sideshow thrills with a horror-burlesque atmosphere. The show has periodically received fierce criticism and even the threat of being banned!

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