Parade of Innocents

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by Xerxes Praetorius Horde

I think this song is always going to be extremely important and close to myself and the rest of the band. In a way, it was responsible for laying the groundwork for the rest of  “Soldiers of the Mark,” and proved to a lot of nay-sayers that we were not just using our odd instrumentation and large ensemble for shock value – we are serious musicians as well, all of us.


I had almost given up with the idea of another full-length album after “This Treason” (2010) as it seemed that all I had were the same three songs I’d been working on for 2 years. One night in December 2012 Candi and myself were recording a demo version of what would become “Parade of Innocents.” I convinced her to double all my vocals in the chorus…then I erased all my own vocal tracks. She had never before sang any lead vocals. Goddamn. A new era for the band began that night, and afterwards we had the most exciting and focused year of songwriting in the New Jacobin Club‘s long and uneven history.

-The HOrDE

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