7 Things Most Bands Won’t Tell You About Touring Western Canada

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…But WE will!

by The New Jacobin Club

1. We claim to be road warriors…and we are…road conditions, vehicle problems, and a severe lack of nutritious foods on the Western Canadian highways do not stop us. But the ride between cities of any sizeable population is SO DAMN LONG AND BORING the only real answer is to make sure you’re completely bagged from the night before so you sleep the entire 7 hours in between cities. Tip: If you don’t have a driver, make sure to flip that coin the night before to see who drives.


2. There are 3 kinds of hotels – the kind you can’t afford, the kind that doesn’t have matching sheets and pillowcases, and the kind you don’t actually sleep in because it’s a raging party hosted by a local band you shared the stage with that finally winds down at 9 am the following morning (see our video blog for more…).

3. Touring in the dead of winter sucks, unless you are a little crazy, in which case it’s a great time to get bookings while a lot of other bands are not on the road and there is significantly less competition…

4. …and consequently a lot of bands touring in Western Canada during the winter aren’t from Western Canada.


5. In a city the size of Vancouver there will be some people in the audience that will dig your band. In a city the size of Moose Jaw there will be some people in the audience that will want to kick the shit out of your band. (again – see our video blog)

6. Bands that come from provinces with government regulated liquor stores fill their vehicle with booze like kids filling a shopping cart at a toy store when they visit places with privately owned liquor stores.

7. A gas station is a restaurant.

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