Across the Pond and Back!

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In June of 2016 the New Jacobin Club finally paid a long overdue visit to the United Kingdom to perform for the first time in front of some long time friends and fans that have been waiting patiently to see us for… well, a long time.

Thank you ALL for making the tour more than worthwhile for us, it was a success beyond all expectations. Every day was a spectacular adventure, but the greatest adventure of all was meeting everyone who came out. There were even moments we were not quite prepared for as we met excited fans and made new friends everywhere we stopped. We’ve always maintained since establishing ourselves as a completely independent group that we owe our continued existence to the fans who support us. It turns out that the financial support is only one measure of success, the ability to reach people half a world away with our music and art was another we didn’t consider. After all these years, we can now put faces to names of people from our mailing list and fan club…and we finally saw how much The New Jacobin Club means to some of you.

By no means can we name everybody, but we must at least acknowledge the tireless and selfless efforts that some people put into making this tour happen – our dearest friend Angela (Lilith Promotions) whom we first met through our fan club, our tour manager Spike and driver Symond, the fine folks at OOOSH Tours (who saved our last show in the UK by delivering a power converter to the venue), Dale and Karin for the spectacular hospitality and for rescuing a part of the tour, the lovely event organizers at A Splendid Day Out (Rob, Ian, Rose) our publicist Scott Pilling (National Hearing Lab), Steven C. Davis from GASP Radio, Atticus Oldman from the Absinthe Affair & Steampunk Almanac, and the good people at Sask Music and Creative Saskatchewan here at home who were so helpful in getting behind us.


Perhaps the most exciting part of our visit was sharing the stage with so many colorful and talented bands and performers, some of whom also went to great lengths to help with planning the tour: The Glass House Museum, The Dark Design, BB Blackdog, Jezebel Steele, Little Red Dog, Victor & the Bully, Fable, Orpheum, The Lunatic Heroes, DJ Dandy Von Diamond- meeting all of you was a privilege and an inspiration, and we are fortunate to have become friends with you all!

…and we didn’t forget the rest of you! There are far too many to name, and we would be heartbroken if we missed someone – so please leave a comment below so we know who you are and where you saw us. As a souvenir of the tour and an exclusive taste of what’s in store this fall – please grab this FREE download of a live acoustic performance from our show in Reading at the Castle Tap! Just click this link:

Dark Servant of Destiny – Live at the Castle Tap, Reading


So, once again, thank you – a thousand times over, THANK YOU – every one of you! You have ensured that the New Jacobin Club will continue for years to come, and that this odd family of strangelings from the wilds of Western Canada will be able to return again in the future, hopefully again and again…

And on that note – please enjoy some more NJC LIVE in England! If you were there to see any of our shows, or like the new live acoustic track, leave us a message below and let us know!! If you missed the tour, let us know where we you’d like to see us next time 🙂 and in the meantime check out this video shot at “A Splendid Day Out” in Morecambe at the Headway Hotel Ballroom! (and be sure to grab the free acoustic track HERE)

(Watch MORE VIDEOS from the tour at the NJC Official Website!)

Stay with us – a big anouncement is just around the corner!!!

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