Anno XX Vivo

Fanclub Exclusive
Double Length LIVE Album

NOT available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, eMusic, Google Play, at Walmart Canada or ANYWHERE ELSE

1. Breath Like Wine
2. Rum Brave
3. My Abyss
4. One Tin Soldier
5. Dark Servant of Destiny

Double-live album from the band hailed as “vibrant and refreshing – wonderfully flamboyant, theatrical and wicked!” -Ringmaster Review (UK)

 70+ minute digital live album – only $10.00

A long overdue collection that is also our first ever experiment releasing a FANCLUB EXCLUSIVE ALBUM – it is NOT available anywhere else but directly from the band. No corporate middle man. No distributor. No retailer. No hardcopy. The music industry of the past is DEAD…may it rest in pieces.

ANNO XX VIVO is the New Jacobin Club’s FIRST EVER official live album and was recorded at an epic 20th Anniversary celebration on October 21, 2016 in the NJC’s hometown of Saskatoon in Western Canada. For a band that is known for having a twisted live show and extending their songs with dark and dramatic psychedelic improvisations, a proper live album has been LONG overdue. The show featured guest performers and former band members from throughout the band’s history as well as music culled from the band’s entire catalogue, 1996 to present. This includes a few of the NJC’s favourite cover songs and updated interpretations of classic tracks from the 1990’s. Over 80 minutes of the 20th Anniversary concert has been carefully assembled into “ANNO XX VIVO” along with bonus tracks taken from the band’s 2016 UK tour. This massive live collection will NOT be distributed to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or any other digital service. It will remain exclusive to New Jacobin Club’s own fanclub and webstore online – get your instant digital copy NOW!

This is how we continue to STAY independent, and your purchases directly from is what makes our touring and recording projects possible. Thank you, a THOUSAND TIMES THANK YOU to all our Marked Ones who have supported our independence.

get the full 19 track digital album for just $10.00: