We’re in the studio!

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Yes – it’s finally happening! It seems so surreal that we are FINALLY in the studio laying down the songs we have so carefully and lovingly worked on for almost 5 years… WHERE DID THE LAST 5 YEARS GO? We began writing this album when we played the UK for the first time in 2016, […]

Video Blog: Candi’s Stage Makeup

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Hi! I can’t believe this is my FIRST time here on the New Jacobin Club blog site – I hope you enjoy the video (if you do, please leave a comment below) In it I’m going to show you what I go through every night before we hit the stage, and share some of my […]

Costumes, Props, & Backstage Secrets

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By popular demand! Mistress Nagini presents a fabulous behind-the-scenes reveal on our MOST REQUESTED video blog topic  – the New Jacobin Club’s infamous stage show, costumes, preparation, and props. Parts I and II are presented here, watch for Part III as well as additional band members’ Behind the Scenes video blogs this summer. Be sure […]

Video Blog: The Horde’s Gear

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Welcome to our first “Behind the Scenes” Video Blog! In this new series created during our continuing stretch of Pandemic-Era Social Distancing and Isolation here in Western Canada, we will be trying our best to answer some of the questions we frequently receive from all you wonderful strangelings – what sort of equipment we use, […]

Would You Support an Artist This Way?

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It’s time to stop using traditional channels of music and media distribution When you are an independent artist but run your own record label, and you get challenged for copyright infringement from your distributors (not realizing who you are), who in turn only pay you on a consignment basis, and those distributors in turn have […]

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