Video Blog: Candi’s Stage Makeup

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Hi! I can’t believe this is my FIRST time here on the New Jacobin Club blog site – I hope you enjoy the video (if you do, please leave a comment below) In it I’m going to show you what I go through every night before we hit the stage, and share some of my makeup secrets and tips. For those of you not into makeup,  I did try to add a few interesting stories about the band near the end. Oh – and there’s a GIVEAWAY too!! Details at the end of my video, and below.

**The Giveaway**

Goths, Steampunks, Cosplayers!!! We’ll be drawing a couple names at random to win a small prize pack of New Jacobin Club CDs!! All you have to do is SHARE WITH ME your cool costume, or cool makeup, or whatever it is you do – if you can’t post to the comments below (it can be little funny on some people’s devices, we know), please E-mail us your pic, or a link to a pic –

Stay Spooky, Stay Strange!


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