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Music from Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (2019)
Highlights from the wildly successful premiere of a new original soundtrack for the 1920 silent film classic recorded live at the Roxy Theatre! This is New Jacobin Club as you’ve never heard before, placing the band’s instrumental prowess and compositional ingenuity in the spotlight. Fans of classic horror soundtracks and retro-futuristic sounds will be guaranteed to be delighted! This album is currently a New Jacobin Club webstore exclusive and is not available to buy or stream  anywhere else. 

Anno XX ViVo (Live) (2017) -SOLD OUT-
The New Jacobin Club’s 20th anniversary celebration recorded live in October 2016 after the band’s wildly successful UK tour! This double-length album features 18 tracks spanning the band’s 20 year career featuring former band members reuniting on stage and the original 1998 NJC trio performing together for the first time since 2001. This album is currently a New Jacobin Club webstore exclusive and is not available to buy or stream  anywhere else. 

Soldiers of the Mark (2014)
The NJC’s occult masterpiece! “as catchy as it is devilishly charming. The New Jacobin Club act as if they have no limits and no boundaries.” (Heavy Metal Time Machine) A concept album that follows a Victorian Hellfire Club as they attempt to bring about the end of the world, mad scientists that trade their humanity for knowledge, a supernatural seductress, and a cult of elder god worshippers who are midwives at the birth of a hideous creature with godlike powers…

This Treason (2010 – CD/DVD set)
The NJC’s first international success hailed as “Energizing and engaging!” (PureGrain Audio) A gothic rock opera telling a story set at the end of King Edward II’s reign through stories delivered by a series of historical characters. The drama is centered around the trial, execution, and redemption of Sir Hugh Despenser the Younger and was originally performed live with theatrical accompaniment that unfolded with the tale.

Wicked City (2006)
“Fiery and imposing while still retaining a degree of intelligence and fore-thought.” Says EXCLAIM, Canada’s foremost music authority. Easily the New Jacobin Club’s most aggressive album, and features several perennial staples of the band’s live show including “Dark Servant of Destiny,” “Creeping Flesh” and the earworm singalong “Alive Again.” The CD version also includes songs not available on other international formats – a studio cover of Ministry’s “Stigmata” and a unique surprise bonus track.

New Jacobin Club (2001)
Warehouse find!! Limited stock on hand!! The NJC’s first full length studio album. Dark and dusty gothic garage rock with a hint of elegance, this recording collects together most of the material the band had been writing and performing since 1995.

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