Privilege and the Fan

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A message from the NJC


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The music industry has not always been kind to the New Jacobin Club, and in return we have chosen to stay on the outside of the system. But that has not prevented us from achieving what even some of our seemingly more successful peers could not. We are self managed, run our own label and finance everything from our marketing to our merchandising. We work with very little outside help – our merchandisemusic videos, promotional material and marketing activities are all created in house

This is the reality of the new music industry. 

We get asked frequently why we don’t tour North America more extensively, why we keep to our beloved Western Canada. Don’t misunderstand us, we would love to perform in Toronto, New York or LA. We have been invited to play  in the U.S. and Eastern Canada several times in recent years. Problem is…when we reveal what sort of arrangements we would require to travel that far, we are often met with an attitude that implies it would be a PRIVILEGE to play and in no way will we be compensated for doing what we do. We always respectfully decline.

The only privilege for us is the privilege to play in front of fans. Our fans have been our financial support, our moral support, and our reason for continuing to write, record and perform.  Over the last few years it has become very apparent where many of you fine and lovely people are. We’ve talked with you online, we’ve received so many incredible emails, flattering remarks, constructive criticism, we’ve shared stories and discussed our craft with those among you who also play music, create art, or write books. Some of you have even been inspirational to our direction and growth in the last 5 years, and we owe the success of Soldiers of The Mark largely to you, our fans. For this we thank you and we can’t wait to see all of you in person.


In June of 2016, the New Jacobin Club will be performing in the UK.

And it will be a privilege for us.

Tour dates to be announced as the events and venues we are booked at begin their advertising.
Thank you all!

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