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We all would like to personally thank you for spending your hard earned money on independent music…and so before we send you your CDs, DVD and digital downloads, we would like to share with you this special fan-only package deal that we put together – it is NOT available to the public anywhere else… UPGRADE YOUR ORDER and get ALL FOUR additional CDs currently available in our web store catalogue including the fan club exclusive “Music From Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde” and our 20th Anniversary live album “Anno XX Vivo,” as well as Canadian fan-favourite “Wicked City.” You’ll even get a rare CD copy of our first full-length album from 2001.  And  If that’s not enough, you will also get a download link for our Digital MEGA-BOX SET containing every studio recording the NJC has made 1998-2014, this includes several out of print releases available nowhere else as well as our instrumental album “Music For A Freakshow!!!”


Normally you’d pay at least $15.00 – $20.00 per cd at Amazon, and $9.99 per digital album on iTunes

this set would easily be over 100.00 if you could put it together anywhere else…

For this one time thank-you offer you can get it all for $20 


**LOW FLAT RATE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!!!** Don’t leave this page if you wish to order

Here’s why we’re doing this –

The New Jacobin Club has been an active participant and veteran of the underground goth/metal/steampunk/performance art & sideshow scene  for over 20 years. That’s 20 years of struggle as one of Canada’s most controversial and, for the most of those years INDEPENDENT, acts. We’ve had relationships with a couple big distributors through our own label as well as a stint with an American record company. You can still purchase our last 3 albums at Amazon, buy our digital releases on iTunes, etc. You know what? We finally noticed something after all this time that really pissed us off.

Our stuff is expensive and hard to get

But – we want you to have all this stuff. So we’re doing something a little psychotic to take on Amazon and iTunes. See all that colourful and wicked looking packaging above? What you’re seeing is 2 cd’s with bonus tracks, “Inside the Cannibal Circus” dvd, and  a COMPLETE DIGITAL BOX SET with every official NJC studio release including non-album bonus tracks – and you can  get it all  for $29 plus a reasonable flat shipping rate good for anywhere in the world. Take that, middle man. Click here to order now!! This is an EXCLUSIVE one-time Thank You offer only for people who have already picked up a digital copy of one of our albums!

…more kind words from the UK about the CD/DVD set: “A cd/DVD package with an included live performance that corrupts as it engages and shows the band as dominant and irresistible on stage as they are in the studio” (Ringmaster Review UK)

here’s what’s all included for $20:

“Music From Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde” – Live at The Roxy Theatre” digital CD **Fanclub exclusive**

“Anno XX Vivo” double live digital CD **Fanclub exclusive**

“Soldiers of The Mark” digipak CD

– “This Treason” full length CD w/hidden bonus track

– “Wicked City” full length enhanced CD w/concept video and bonus tracks including our version of Ministry’s “Stigmata”

– “Inside the Cannibal Circus” DVD w/full live show from 2009, concept video, documentary footage, an extra concert from 2010, archival footage from 1999, and more

“New Jacobin Club” self-titled 2001 CD **recent warehouse find!! Not available anywhere else!**

– Digital copies of EVERY STUDIO ALBUM:

– “The Filthy & The Righteous” – collecting our debut ep’s “A Lesson in Mortality,” “Blood of the Servant Girl,” with some unreleased tracks & early compilation appearances

– “The New Jacobin Club” 2001 full length

– “Retake the Throne” 2003 full length – the one that put NJC on the map

– “Wicked City” 2006 full length complete w/bonus non-album track & Ministry cover song previously unavailable outside Canada

– “The Final Entertainment Show” 2008 ep of cover songs! NEVER before available outside Canada! includes NJC’s renditions of Nine Inch Nails, Killing Joke, and more!

– “This Treason” 2010 full length

– “Left Behind” 2012 ep

– “Soldiers of The Mark” 2014 full length – 15 track deluxe edition!

– “Music For a Freakshow” box set exclusive! 7 Instrumentals from the “Cannibal Circus Roadshow” tour!

The NJC Digital Box Set is available for immediate download after your purchase, we’ll get your cds and dvd in the mail asap. Allow a few weeks for delivery, and before you know it you’ll be watching a complete NJC show in your own home and meeting the band in some candid backstage interviews. Invite some friends!

Just hit the ORDER NOW button below to add to your purchase and  get “Music from Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde,” “Anno XX Vivo,” “Wicked City” and “New Jacobin Club 2001” discs delivered right to your door plus the NJC Digital Box Set for just $20 plus a small shipping fee!

Remember – This is an EXCLUSIVE offer ONLY for our fans that have purchased directly from us online!


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