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We all would like to personally thank you for spending your hard earned money on independent music…and so before you get your digital album we would like to share with you this special fan-only package deal that we put together – it is NOT available to the public anywhere else… in addition to the CDs you’ve already ordered (“Soldiers on the Mark” and our 2010 Gothic Rock Opera “This Treason”), You’d also receive beautiful CD copies of “Plague Tales: 2010-2015,”Music from Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde,” and  “Wicked City”  plus digital copies of all 12 of our releases 1998-present including an entire album of unreleased instrumental tracks featured in our theatrical live shows! That’s THREE MORE CD’s, plus over 120 digital tracks! Normally you’d pay at least $15.00 – $20.00 per cd at Amazon, and $9.99 per digital album on iTunes

this set would easily be $120.00 if you could put it together anywhere else…

For this one time thank-you offer you can get it all for $28

upgrade your order to include the NJC VAULT!

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