Soldiers of The Mark: From the Studio to the Stage

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It’s been a year and a few weeks since we started recording the final version of “Soldiers of The Mark” – RatKing and the Horde had begun in the summer of 2013 by doing drum & rhythm guitar tracks for the entire album before going into Matthew Facca’s posh home studio to re-record the album from the ground up.


RatKing & Horde in the dressing-dungeon beneath the Saskatoon Broadway Theatre stage. Beer by Great Western, Rye Whisky by Forty Creek

Behold – the journey from recording and rehearsal right up to the release of Soldiers of The Mark  This smashing SHOCK-ROCKumentary features just over a YEAR’S worth of candid video scraps – some from the studio, some from on and off stage – courtesy of band members, band photographer Kathryn Trembach and trusted roadie/sidekick/voice of brutal honesty Rob Salisbury.

WARNING: contains footage of beer, winter road conditions, and gratuitous self mockery. This is Canada. 

(and don’t tell anyone you saw any of us out of costume…)

….and here’s the finished album on THREE different editions of 12″ vinyl! (CLICK HERE to see something really fantastic we’re doing with these records just for our loyal Marked Ones!)



and if that wasn’t enough, we’ll leave you with this performance of “Like Dogs” (original studio version appears on This Treasonfrom the band’s last show of 2014 which took place in Regina, bustling northern metropolis and capital of our home province of Saskatchewan. Close up footage for the Angel MMXIV concept video was also shot earlier the same night outside the hall. Enjoy!

Take a few seconds and please leave a comment – what would you like to see the NJC do in 2015? What is your favourite track on Soldiers of The Mark? Which song should be our next concept video? (Don’t have a copy yet? The fanclub edition with 5 bonus tracks is only $8 directly from us – get it HERE!!)

Thanks for watching!

Horde, Candi, Lumi, RatKing, Ruin, Nagini


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