NJC Talks Back

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Watch the new video blog about Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Favourite Artists, and Steampunk Subculture HUGE thanks to everyone who submitted questions here on the fanclub blog site and via email! We could not get around to all of them (it would’ve been far to long, and certain band members were already getting difficult […]

The Tale of the Big Fish and the Small Pond

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Commercialism and the Last Refuge of the Fringe Arts Communities Earlier this year I witnessed an arts revolution of sorts unfold live online. It will be remembered at least as a footnote in the history of an international music scene that is rapidly becoming commercialized. To make a long story short, one moderately successful musician […]

Art, Ignorance and Civilization’s Last Gasp

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The deskilling of the arts is a symptom of a new dystopian era of ignorance and bliss (and probably the end of modern civilization) by Xerxes Praetorius Horde A recent buzzword in the world of fabricated news items designed to illicit inflammatory responses to generate traffic (aka – “clickbait”) has piqued my interest. It also […]

It’s going to be me?!?


A Tale of Chaos & Innocence  by Poison Candi I am “Poison” Candi. I am a professional artist, a painter of murals, and an art teacher to inner city kids in my hometown of Saskatoon (in the frigid Western Canadian wasteland). I love spooky makeup, creepy costumes, corsets, and fancy boots. I play the theremin, […]

7 Things Most Bands Won’t Tell You About Touring Western Canada

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…But WE will! by The New Jacobin Club 1. We claim to be road warriors…and we are…road conditions, vehicle problems, and a severe lack of nutritious foods on the Western Canadian highways do not stop us. But the ride between cities of any sizeable population is SO DAMN LONG AND BORING the only real answer […]

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