On Friday March 12 you will receive a download link via e-mail for this fanclub-only digital version of the album. Check your inbox for a message from the web store containing more details – and a free advance download pf “Behind the Veil!” (If you are seeing this AFTER March 12, the email containing the digital album should be on its way to your inbox right now)

If you don’t see the email contact our fearless leader directly at and he will sort it out for you!

If you ordered a copy of the album on CD, they will begin to ship during the first two weeks of March. They ship worldwide from the USA, and shipping times will vary from 14-21 days (we are told). Shipping delays are currently caused by pandemic related security and restrictions.

Thank you again for supporting independent artists! We will continue to put our fans first, and your order is helping us to maintain our independence.

Rott ‘n Roll!

-Horde, Candi, Luminous, Ruin, Nagini, RatKing