The Year Canada Burned

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You may not have known this, but in June and July 2015 a huge portion of Western Canada was on fire. Wildfires spread across the prairie provinces and the mountain forests of the Rockies. Communites were evacuated, homes were lost. This part of the world is where the New Jacobin Club resides – and we had long standing plans to travel through this curtain of flames to play a handful of shows across 3 provinces.

Ironically – we had just completed and released the second promotional video for our latest album Soldiers of The Mark, a song called “Into the Fire” (click that link to download it, if you like). And now that’s we were headed….

The following NJC V-Blog short features many things – Horde loses his voice, Candi sets her hair and eyelashes on fire, a concert is shut down because the building actually caught fire and we scare the daylights out of a poor beaver who was present at a portion of our video shoot.

This is New Jacobin Club in and around Western Canada.

There is more in store for 2015 – stay with us as we sort out everything we want to share with you – as always, leave us some words of wisdom or just say HEY! And we ALWAYS answer our mail – message us here.


Horde, Candi, Lumi, Ruin, Nagini & RatKing


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