“A cd/DVD Package With an Included Live Performance That Corrupts as it Engages and Shows the Band as Dominant and Irresistible on Stage as They Are in the Studio”-Ringmaster Review (UK)

Find out what all this talk is about !

Order your CD copy of “THIS TREASON” with “INSIDE THE CANNIBAL CIRCUS” on DVD  for only $15 and you’ll receive an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the album, plus the CD and DVD delivered right to your door! 


1. This Treason
2. Private Hell
3. Breath Like Wine
4. Like Dogs

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The New Jacobin Club had its beginnings in the cold of Western Canada just as the 20th century was giving it’s last gasp. This Bohemian horror punk ensemble is a true marriage of music, performance art, live visuals and storytelling. BC Musician (Canada) said “Worthy of a listen, if only to fuel your desire to see their amazing live show which may change the way you see music forever!”

In addition to the NJC’s monumental gothic rock opera THIS TREASON on CD with hidden bonus track, you’ll also be getting “INSIDE THE CANNIBAL CIRCUS,” a companion DVD  jam packed with a complete live concert, concept video, documentary interviews and archival footage of the band going back to 1999! All this packaged with extensive concept artwork by award winning Canadian graphic designer Cate Francis for only 15 bucks plus a small shipping fee! Find out why EXCLAIM!, Canada’s national music authority, calls the band “Fiery and imposing while still retaining a degree of intelligence and fore-thought”…


You will  a digital copy of  “This Treason” via email immediately after placing your order. For your CD and DVD, please allow 2-4 weeks delivery in North America, shipping to the rest of the world can vary.