Video Blog: The Horde’s Gear

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Welcome to our first “Behind the Scenes” Video Blog! In this new series created during our continuing stretch of Pandemic-Era Social Distancing and Isolation here in Western Canada, we will be trying our best to answer some of the questions we frequently receive from all you wonderful strangelings – what sort of equipment we use, how we prepare for theatrical bits, questions about costumes, songwriting, instruments, even make-up.

Thank you ALL for your emails, messages, webstore orders, for sharing our videos and music – THIS IS for YOU! Please leave a comment if you liked it, or if you have any further questions we could answer, and let us know what else you’d like us to cover as we make more of these Video Blogs. Then watch for e-mail alerts for when we post the next video in a couple weeks! If you are not on our mailing list, simply sign up by entering your name and email under the red arrow to the right (or below if you are on mobile)


Warning: this Video Blog may not be” techy” enough for some guitar enthusiasts, but I really can’t apologize… I wanted this V-Blog to be enjoyable and entertaining for everyone – HOrDE

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