We’re in the studio!

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Yes – it’s finally happening!

It seems so surreal that we are FINALLY in the studio laying down the songs we have so carefully and lovingly worked on for almost 5 years…


We began writing this album when we played the UK for the first time in 2016, then continued writing with newfound inspiration from our amazing experiences overseas and collaborating with Lord Montague “Steampunkfunk Bizarre” the following year. In 2018 we paused work on the album to focus on the “Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde” soundtrack commission… and when we returned to begin recording in 2019 our engineer, producer, and musical patronus Matt had a terrible accident that nearly robbed the world of his brilliance far too soon.

Then… in early 2020 just as we began to think the time was right to get back into the studio… the pandemic era descended upon us all. We protected the most vulnerable among us by postponing all our activities until the world became a safer place for us all.

Now here we are!

We are just past the 50% completion mark – the next full-length New Jacobin Club album is officially on the way!!

Here is Matt doing some incredible wizard-like stuff – check out those crazy copper microphones and miniature speaker cabinets… the sounds we’re getting on this recording are really amazing!

The album is 10 newly recorded tracks… with one instrumental, one hopefully with a special GUEST VOCALIST, and one that was written in the 1990’s and never recorded until now.

In addition, we have a side project of recording another batch of cover songs outside of our main studio project. Can’t reveal too much about that except that these additional recordings will likely be made available as a bonus to fan club members who pre-order the album when the time comes.


We miss you all and really want to hear from you!  After reading our short update, be so kind as to leave us a comment – how are YOU doing? What other updates from the studio would you like to see from us? We will be reading and responding from the studio in the coming days and weeks – ask us anything 🙂

Stay Strange!

– HOrDE, CaNDi, NaGiNi, LuMi, RuiN, RaTKiNG



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