When OK is not Good Enough

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…the Pros & Cons of being  The New Jacobin Club

by Luminous


Being in an established, theatrical band such as NJC comes with many joys, as well as trials and tribulations. It’s a huge commitment with many stipulations that people may not readily think of, so I thought I’d shed some light on what it means to be a part of our infamous “club”.

Lets begin with…


Getting ready is a LOT of work.


Seriously. There are many nights when the idea of putting on face paint and corsets is akin to torture. Especially if you’re on tour and exhausted.





People think you’re a joke.

goofinNo one takes you seriously, and mainstream success isn’t in the cards.





You never get away with an “ok” performance.

halloween8When you’re in a band that’s been around for almost 20 yrs, people expect greatness. They don’t care if the line up has changed half a dozen times, or if you live in different cities and haven’t played together in months. Fuck ups aren’t forgiven.





Sounds like a crap shoot hey? Why do we persist in doing this to ourselves?



Getting ready is a LOT of work.

njcacousticTruth. But, this also enables us to create a character, a persona, that is other than ourselves. For a few hours, we get to be someone else. And it’s fantastic.


People think you’re a joke.

grouplive2010trimmedYep. But that enables us to prove them wrong, as well as allows us to explore whatever truly interests us. We’re making our own path, and we don’t have to answer to anyone.


You never get to have an “ok” performance.

karicroppedsmallYes, people expect a lot of us. But this pushes us to be better musicians, better performers, better human beings. We demand more from ourselves, and we’ve learned how to thrive no matter the situation. A band member fucks up and goes to the end of the song too soon, and everyone follows without even noticing. We can’t hear ourselves, yet we play in time. We get hit in the face with sparks, and don’t miss a note. This band forces us to constantly improve on our skills, and it is never boring.


In closing, being part of this band is a nightmare.

But it’s also a dream come true.










(This is Lumi’s first ever blog entry for the NJC Blogsite – leave a comment or performance industry related story of your own so we can make sure she contributes more!!)

Luminous has been a member of the NJC for 5 years and is a prominent musical collaborator on our new album, “Soldiers of the Mark” Get a deluxe digital edition with 5 extra tracks not available on iTunes directly from the band – CLICK HERE TO GET IT!

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