Three Wicked Tales from Canada’s Veteran Theatrical Occult Rockers 

“Into the Fire” – a dark tale about an Alchemist whose discovery calls up ancient evils and transforms him into something less than human… featuring Mistress Nagini and her spectacular flame swords

(From the album “Soldiers of The Mark”)

“Angel MMXVI” – the legend of an infamous 16th century Countess who bathed in blood to prolong her youth and beauty… lead vocals and theatrical concept by Poison Candi

(From the album “Soldiers of The Mark”)

An excerpt from the 1920 silent classic “Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde” featuring a new original soundtrack premiered live in 2018!

(From the Album “Music from Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde”)

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“Plague Tales: 2015-2020” The soundtrack of the Pandemic! The collected unreleased electric & acoustic recordings featuring the goth-steampunk fan favourite “Behind the Veil.” New Jacobin Club’s fastest selling album of all-time! BUY IT NOW

“Music from Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde – Live at the Roxy Theatre” Electric cello, harpsichord, theremin, and a barbaric army of tribal drums and percussion make this the most unique updated silent era film soundtrack you will likely ever hear! BUY IT NOW

“Soldiers of the Mark” – The New Jacobin Club’s critically acclaimed masterpiece! “as catchy as it is devilishly charming. The New Jacobin Club act as if they have no limits and no boundaries.” (Heavy Metal Time Machine USA) BUY IT NOW


“This Treason” (includes bonus ep “Left Behind”) – The grand gothic rock opera that first brought international attention to Canada’s best kept secret and made New Jacobin Club a dark favourite within Steampunk, Sideshow, and Burlesque communities worldwide. BUY IT NOW


“Wicked City” – New Jacobin Club’s crushing 2006 album that would never be topped in terms of sheer aggression and pyrotechnics – blazing guitar solos, complex rhythms, and roaring vocals. The all-time Canadian fan-favourite. BUY IT NOW


“Retake the Throne” – Described by METAL MANIACS magazine as “Misfits meet Iron Maiden.” The title track made the album an independent radio hit, and made the Canadian College Radio Top 100 albums at the end of 2003. BUY IT NOW


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