Would You Support an Artist This Way?

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It’s time to stop using traditional channels of music and media distribution

When you are an independent artist but run your own record label, and you get challenged for copyright infringement from your distributors (not realizing who you are), who in turn only pay you on a consignment basis, and those distributors in turn have “partners” that have been bought our by much larger global entities (SONYYYY – F*CK you) with whom you have NO HOPE of opening a dialogue concerning what they are doing with your music catalogue, it might be time to stop using traditional channels of music and media distribution.

The New Jacobin Club is about to record full-length studio album #6 (more on that in an upcoming blog!!!) After experimenting with not one but TWO releases sold exclusively through our fanclub, and not streaming on any platform, I no longer think that this business model is as alienating as some people think it is. What do YOU think?

How many of you would be upset if the next album released by an artist you love was available ONLY from the artist, and not anywhere else?

This  includes retail record shops, Amazon, iTunes, and streaming services. Are you a member of any artist fan clubs online from which you receive access to exclusive releases or merchandise? WOULD you support an artist this way, even if it was a group previously signed to a major label and has now gone independent? Currently, only 4 full length New Jacobin Club albums are distributed to digital and streaming platforms. There are 3 other full length albums (a studio album, a live album, a soundtrack) and 3 eps that are not. They are currently only available here in some shape or form. If one of your favourite artists released a new album NOT immediately available on streaming platforms, would you purchase it, or wait until it streams on the service you use?

I really value your thoughts on this, so please take a few seconds to leave a comment. You can also email me directly. As we prepare to unleash studio album #6 (and the 25th anniversary of the band’s formation), we want to listen to what you have to say as we move forward.

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